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 Here in Los Angeles we have no shortage of acupuncturists. If you are considering acupuncture treatment - you are very fortunate. When I first opened Traditional Healing Arts Center in 1997, there were only a half-dozen practitioners in the Los Feliz/Silverlake area. Now there are many more options- practitioners with different treatment styles & settings.


It is important, when choosing any healthcare professional, to find a good fit- for your needs & your personality.


What are the reasons  you might consider coming to my practice?

You will find me to be a patient, reflective listener, I am not in a hurry. I am interested in the narrative behind your health concerns-how you arrived at your current state of health- & how best help you feel "better than well".


Whether you come to my office seeking help with an illness or injury (acute or chronic disease ; orthopedic issues); for stress management (improved sleep & digestion; relief from anxiety & depression) , fertility enhancement; or in pursuit of optimal performance (fitness & mental clarity)- I can offer you the benefit of a  compassionate skill-set developed during 20 years of clinical experience ( and a sense of humor).

Christopher Reed,  L.Ac. 



I have experience working in an integrative medicine setting. From 2000 to 2006, I helped create & administer the  acupuncture program at the Toluca Lake Health Center (Motion Picture & Television Fund Clinic). Working with the 12 internal medicine doctors & on-site physical therapy department, I learned the importance of communication & coordinated effort among  practitioners  of different therapeutic modalities to achieve best outcomes for patients.


What this means is that I am comfortable talking with your doctor about blood work, X-rays & other imaging, pharmaceutical medications, etc.  I am happy to be a team player (though I won't hesitate to question protocols- if, for example, I don't believe you should be taking a particular statin drug or antacid medication)-but first & foremost- I will always be an advocate for your optimum health.

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